Rotate Your File

Safely send someone a file


  • 2024-05-01

    Upgraded to Laravel 11.

    • Upgraded to Laravel 11. No functionality or design changes should be visible, everything is on the server side.
  • 2023-06-06

    Encryption is finally here!

    • Added encryption. Every uploaded file is now encrypted with a unique initialization vector. The app doesn't store that value, that's your access token. If you lose it, the file is unrecoverable.
    • Removed unneeded token table.
  • 2023-01-31

    Blurb and some style fixes.

    • App name now has a subtitle to explain what this does.
    • Fixed app name alignment on small screens
    • Fixed footer link alignments on small screens
    • Tweaked Mastodon svg logo size to make it not weird in size when compared to the Twitter logo
  • 2023-01-30, another one

    Dectivated user authentication related routes until the functionality is ready.

  • 2023-01-30

    Added a new "Start here" page, and did some cleanup / wording fixes.

    • add inline anchor links to faq questions
    • contact me faq entry
    • backup and encryption faq entries
  • 2023-01-29

    Deployed the first version of the app that I'm happy to announce publicly. It has the following features:

    • file upload up to 10 Mb (ish, see FAQ) with a one time use token that gets auto deleted after 24 hours, or after download
    • good enough styling
    • a fairly comprehensive FAQ
    • this changelog