Rotate Your File

Safely send someone a file

Start here!

Apologies for taking you away from the front page. I want to have that as simple as I feasibly can.

Here are the steps that this app is designed to do:

  1. you upload a single file up to 10 Mb to the app
  2. app gives you a link, and an access token
  3. you send that link and access token to your friend / accountant / lawyer / whoever needs it
  4. they open the link, and enter the access token into the input box and click the Access the file button
  5. they can then download the file by clicking the link
  6. once they've done that, the file gets deleted from the app. Opening the link again will result in a "not found" error
  7. if they don't download the file within 24 hours, the file gets deleted anyways

Best way to really see what this does and how this works is to experiment with it yourself. Choose a small file that has nothing important on it, upload it, and see what it does.

For everything else, there's the FAQ.